The artisanal Hansa route Kampen

With the magnificent skyline on the river IJssel the age-old city of Kampen is a beautiful sight. Discover this wonderful town for the first time or afresh. Take a tour by authentic, living crafts and historical monuments that highlight the trading and shipping past.

This pleasant Hanseatic town is buzzing as ever in the 21st century.

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Bakkerij Smit (Smit Bakery)
Luxury confectionery with products such as cakes, cookies, pralines and chocolate. Works at customer’s request. Additional bonus: Konditorei Smit is a convenvient short walk away (number 148), the perfect place to directly enjoy that scrumptious pastry with a nice cup of coffee.

Bakker Smit
Oudestraat 170
8261 CZ Kampen
Schoenmaker Bolinde (Shoemaker Bolinde)
With forty years of experience this pair knows everything there is to know about mending shoes, bags, boots and other leather goods. Are your favourite shoes completely worn out? No need to panic, the shoemaker will fix them up. This is also your stop for dry cleaning and key services.

Schoenmaker Bolinde
Oudestraat 190
8261 CW Kampen
IJsselkade/bruine vloot (IJssel Quay/Brown Fleet)
Completely in line with the Kamper tradition of trade and shipping it is hard to imagine the city view of Kampen without the so called brown fleet. The beautiful sailing vessels, including the only four-masted ship in the Netherlands, can be hired for overnight sailing tours throughout the country.

Bruine Vloot
Kampen /
For quality cigars, biological and fair trade coffee and tea one goes to the Eenhoorn and the Olifant. It is possible to get a tour through the cigar factory and the coffee-roasting factory, during which feeling, tasting and smelling take prominence. For lovers of life.

De Eenhoorn
Oudestraat 103
8261 CJ Kampen

De Olifant
Voorstraat 100-108
8261 HV Kampen
Chocolaterie de Swaen
At De Swaen a variety of chocolate products are manufactured with passion using traditional methods. Whilst taking in the delicious smells in the shop, you can see with your own eyes how the enthusiastic shop owners make the bonbons. Don’t the forget about ‘the round of Kampen’: chocolates show casting all kinds of landmarks in Kampen.

Chocolaterie de Swaen
Oudestraat 164
8261 CZ Kampen
D'Olde Zwarver (Mill ‘The Old Wanderer’)
This mill owes it’s name to a large-scale relocation to the current spot in 1952. However nobody knows exactly how long this iconic mill has been ‘wandering’ in our country. The mill still provides for a great number of spelt, flour and wheat products.

d' Olde Zwarver
IJsseldijk 92
8261 LM Kampen
This maritime inspired shop has something for everybody’s liking. From handmade jewellery, postcards and decorative items to old ship clocks, nautical wear and grandmother’s porcelain. The assortment has been collected with special attention and every product holds a unique story.

Bovennieuwstraat 2
8261 HD Kampen
Koggewerf (Kogge Wharf)
The prime location to illustrate Kampen’s rich Hanseatic past. The Kogge Wharf is home to the Kamper Kogge, the Kogge Museum, a medieval cottage and the Tavern. In 2011 a 15th century cog was found at the bottom of the IJssel, only a stone’s throw away from the wharf.

Havenweg 7
8262 BZ Kampen
IJssalon Marena (Ice cream parlour Marena)
Who can resist the temptation of ice cream parlour Marena on a sunny day? The different kinds of ice cream flavours are prepared after original Italian recipe and make a refreshing treat for sure. You’ve also come to the right place for traditional coffee and cappuccino.

IJssalon Marena
Oudestraat 174
8261 CW Kampen
Meestersmid Sven de Lang (Master (Black)Smith Sven de Lang)
Kampens one and only master smith who masters the craft to perfection. Both traditional and contemporary forging are in the capable hands of De Lang. In this historic smithy you can take a look at how the ornamental and art smith works with love and passion.

Meestersmid De Lang
Voorstraat 16
8261 HS Kampen
Nur Design
For all clothing repairs, mending and tailoring clothes. This tailor can even provide tailored suits, with the choice out of a selection of fabrics. Additionally Nur Design offers a steam, laundry and ironing service. Quality work for an affordable price.

Nur Design
Geerstraat 20
8261 HM Kampen
Stadspark/Arboretum Kampen (City park/Aboretum Kampen)
In the ‘green heart’ of Kampen it is lovely to go walking, cycling and picnicking. The park harbours dozens of types of trees and shrubs. Two of the three remaining city gates, the Broederpoort and the Cellebroederspoort, serve as imposing entrances to the city park.

‘Groene Hart’ Kampen
Stedelijk Museum/oude raadhuis (Municipal Museum/Old Town Hall)
Hard to miss on the Oudestraat: the former town hall of Kampen. The gothic building pleases the eye from the outside, whilst the inside does not let down either. In the Schepenzaal (the regents hall) you find yourself taken back to the late Middle Ages. The museum houses a permanent art collection and host several temporary exhibitions a year.

Stedelijk Museum
Oudestraat 133
8261 CK Kampen
Tot rust komen in een B&B vol historie 
Naast d’ Olde Zwarver, aan de rand van Kampen, ligt ’t Geheim van de Molenaer. Deze Bed & Breakfast is gevestigd in het opvallende witte, voormalige molenaarshuis. Met een spectaculair uitzicht op de IJssel, comfortabele slaapkamers en openslaande tuindeuren, is dit de ultieme plek om tot rust te komen. Het is ook een mooi startpunt om te zwemmen in de IJssel, een fietstocht te maken in de omgeving of Kampen te verkennen.

Ernst en Janneke den Ouden besloten een Bed & Breakfast te starten toen het huis na het overlijden van Ernsts moeder leeg kwam te staan. “Mijn vader wilde als molenaar graag in de buurt van d’Olde Zwarver wonen en heeft in 1972 dit huis laten bouwen,” vertelt Ernst den Ouden. "De locatie is zo mooi, dat wilden we met anderen delen." De Bed & Breakfast heeft twee ruime tweepersoonsslaapkamers met eigen badkamer. De ene kamer heeft prachtig uitzicht op de IJssel, de ander op de molen. In de B&B is de invloed van de molen goed merkbaar: “We bakken ons brood met ambachtelijk meel," vertelt Janneke den Ouden. "Ook vertellen we de gasten de geschiedenis van de molen en het huis. Natuurlijk is een rondleiding door de molen mogelijk.”

De vriendelijke eigenaren zijn zelf van oorsprong geen Kampenaren, maar treden graag als ambassadeur van de stad op: “We attenderen onze gasten op het rijke historische verleden van Kampen. Er is zoveel te zien!”

Wat het geheim van de molenaar dan precies is? Dat moet je echt zelf ontdekken. What happens at IJsseldijk 94, stays at IJsseldijk 94...

't Geheim van de Molenaer
IJsseldijk 94
8261 LM Kampen
‘t Vuistje
Since 1981 the stop for a variety of domestic and foreign cheeses, freshly roasted nuts, wine and other (dairy) products. This lovely property is situated in the charming Geerstraat. Here you will always succeed on your quest for a great gift package or an indulgence for yourself.

’t Vuistje
Geerstraat 3
8261 HL Kampen

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